Stop and smell the roses

Knight of Cups (reversed)   Six of Cups (reversed)   Five of Cups (reversed)

Guidance for today 10/6

Change has swept through your life like a gale force wind and left you reeling- trying to catch your breath.  You find yourself isolated and objectivity is slow to assist you.  You have means to happiness though- someone in your life is waiting for you; wants you to share in childlike abandon… in fun… what is holding you back from truly appreciating your blessings?  you cannot accept that you have the means you desire- so you push it away and opt to isolate yourself.  Your lover brings you his heart; but your reluctance to see past your own emotional perspective holds you down.  The light of day is right outside your window if you only turn your head- this is yours to have or to reject… choose hope and the Universe will open to you.  All you desire awaits you- your heart just needs to open enough to see it. Put your pity, shame and anger away to embrace the awe inspiring power of fun- its time to slow down and smell some roses- SMILE … (your sadness is creating misery for all around you)


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