Masculine energy clearing and focus

Masculine energy is on the rise. Today clear out old patterns regarding men in your life- particularly toxic relationships… this can be with father, brother, best friend, etc. you are being asked to remain focused on your goals- don’t allow anything to sway you from attainment. You have untold power within- clear negative blocks and karma as well as emotional baggage. You are almost there- success is imminent… trust in yourself and let the universe work for you.


Embrace the changes coming

Page of cups / knight of Pentacles reversed/ the tower

No surprise that change is coming again. This will make you feel as if certain structures in your world have collapsed completely and you will be asked to rebuild in a new and different vision.

Your happiness in the past has been tied to a somewhat self-centered mindset and you have perhaps missed fully appreciating the people in your life who have supported you.

This upcoming full moon will enlighten you with regards to the changes that your soul is demanding from your to further your path of enlightenment. Pay attention leading up to August 26th and the sturgeon moon. Leo rays enlighten the human heart with love and wisdom- just be ready to accept the messages that will begin coming over the next couple days and culminate at full moon. It might not feel good to lose things, but what you gain will be that much more

be grateful

Today accept blessings that are coming for you by keeping your perspective on all that you have in your life and not that which you do not. Allow the power of joy to raise your vibrations so you can align your energy with the divine intention for you. Give thanks and remain humble today… AA Michael is working for you behind the scenes and will help you accomplish your goals today.

Within gratitude and love you will receive clarity. Allow these blessings to flow for you.

the Hanged Man reversed

the Hanged Man reversed
This is a major arcana “soul” card… when reversed it can represent an inability to see a way forward; an inability to see the path that lies at your feet- the time for faith is now. The universe is moving mountains for you to reach your goals- you must believe this even if you do not feel like you have your compass turned on- your direction remains true- be patient with yourself for this time of insecurity and questioning will soon be over and clarity will return. Keep moving even if you can’t see exactly where you’re headed.


tarot today

The time for introspection is now. Massive downloads are happening with Lions Gate and new moon partial solar eclipse… make peace with the emotions of the past. Realize that they are not to harm you anymore… learn to love through pain- and the hardship and trauma lessons as you take control… a shift may be happened in your life soon. Something that was not clear will become so very shortly.

Peace and love

Do something for your soul

Oh crestfallen heart… don’t worry about how you will get where you’re going- simply know that you are on the path. Sometimes we lose sight of what is important to us and we wonder why we feel so empty even after we’ve attained material comfort. Call upon yourself to take measures today to counteract the melancholy in the air by volunteering yourself to help others, by painting/writing/musical expression… make your soul happy and remove your worry from the material aspects of life.

Purify your environment

Today’s message is to cleanse your environment. Clear yourself from any negative attachments, drink water to purify your body and allow the flow of Lakshmi to wash over you. Become as fluid as energy itself. Find peace and let go of an lower vibrational things or people in your life now.