the Hanged Man reversed/ four of Pentacles reversed/ knight of Pentacles
Do not get distracted by material concerns today- you may be tested here to see how far you have come with regards to spirit. Remain unmoved. Whatever happens will have nothing to do with what’s to come. Release the hold your lower vibrational existence may have over you with faith and trust.


12/12 portal

May unconditional love transform all who accept with an open heart. May all who dwell in pain be released and set free. May all who are blocked by limiting emotions or thought patterns break free and find peace and happiness in this life.
With an open heart I freely give, with open hands I pass what love I have to you and I call on Michael, Uriel and all other helping angels to show mercy and love to all who suffer… so mote it be

One card pull

Three of Pentacles
A joint endeavor or new opportunity is ideal for you right now. The pieces are in place for some great synergy between you and those you share your vision. This is a serious spiritual calling- embrace it with a full and open heart.

Insecurity may be blocking your way

King of Wands/ the magician reversed/ six of Wands reversed
Insecurity about a situation is blocking it from flowing fully. There is a sense of mistrust and lack of control that is causing you to look at your situation less than ideally. Your success will be accomplished, however be mindful of what you believe about it- this may tarnish your feelings. Don’t let emotions get in the way of your true purpose. Place your faith in the divine order and control the steps- you don’t need to worry about the full picture at this time.

December monthly guidance

December monthly card- Nine of Swords

This is the last month of a tough year. We started with ace of Wands reversed in January followed by five of cups and death in February and March respectively. And I would be remiss to forget that this year’s January 1st wheel of cards also included a reversed empress- a card always sure to provide lessons.

So it is fitting that we end the year with the nine of swords. Take time this month to look back at the lessons learned- especially the hard ones; the ones that came with pain and deep recognition of the shadow side of us. You may be drawn to remorse or regret- acknowledge those feelings- don’t block them- but afterwards release yourself from that limiting mindset with love and gratitude for what you’ve been given.

Oracle messenger

Remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Forgive yourself of the foibles and missteps taken along the path. Remember that you are a child of the stars and of the earth. Release judgement and let the flow of loving earthly energy enter you. Remember that like the moon, all things change. Hang in there if you are struggling… reconnect with your true self today and let go.

One card pull

Knight of Pentacles
Money and security will ride into your life with vigor…. good news flows now upon the vestiges of a man who will help you find the answers you seek. Abundance is soon to come your way. Give thanks to this blessing