tarot today..

~10 card reading~ worry and fear are dragging your heart down at the moment… you are holding onto insecurity and doubt because you are unsure of what direction is up.  stop fighting yourself and allow things to settle… allow the quiet to wash over you and find the center that you need to use best [...]


Tarot today

there is something that you are not being entirely honest about regarding your current circumstances. I sense an imbalance, like you have lost your sea legs and feel all wobbly… unsure… unsteady… you are doubting yourself, even though you have the ability to manifest what you desire… you appear to be unsure of what that [...]

Tarot today

~10 card reading~ things are not making total sense right now; that is okay.  you are finally understanding the true nature of your spirit.. this brings great change and blessings with it… it also creates unease and friction as the transformation reveals itself.  do not block the messages coming to you… put down your fear [...]